After our initial conversation, we will send you a homework packet to send back to us. Once we receive your information, our team will review your case and determine if we are able to assist. 

Given the range of services that we offer, the timeframe for completion can vary significantly. Our typical engagement is for an initial 1-year contract with annual/semi-annual review meetings as needed. 

1st Meeting: Initial Assessment 

In the initial meeting, James will review our written observations, discuss costs, answer any questions you have and review our engagement agreement. 


2nd Meeting: Analysis Phase

In the second meeting, James will model out benefits maximization, Social Security strategies, and any other planning concept that is appropriate.   We will conclude the education phase by reviewing a Planning Checklist that is personalized to your stated objectives.  Once we agree on action items our role shifts to assist in the implementation of any recommendations (legal, financial, benefits etc.)


3rd Meeting: Coaching & Communication Phase

The completion of your plan may take several weeks/months depending on what you are hoping to accomplish. We always try to manage expectations and give realistic answers when dealing with complicated planning topics. Unfortunately, when dealing with certain government benefits we are often at the mercy of bureaucratic systems and cannot always fully control the process. Our goal is always to accomplish what you are hoping to do within our agreed-upon timeframe. 


4th Meeting: Implementation Phase & Beyond

We are here to help your family navigate difficult problems every step of the way. As your situation evolves and changes we can serve as your back office for all aspects of special needs planning. Following the completion of a plan, we will reach out to schedule annual review meetings should you wish to have a long-term relationship.



Life is a constant evolution. As your child grows and their needs change, our unique value proposition allows us to be your 'back office' in the moments when you need advice most. Many of our clients introduce us to future caregivers and key family members so that someday we are a friendly face to call on when the day comes and they need to step into the role of being 'it.'