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Anne & Jason, Parents to Elliot


"Thanks in large part to Upstate Special Needs Consulting, our concerns for the future don’t concern money.  We will have the money to send Elliot to college and to help him buy a home, so we are more concerned with preparing him for college and setting up the actual housing arrangement.  Elliot is an only child, so we are also concerned about creating a strong support network for him.


Why did you choose our team to help you with your planning?

It is really important for us to have someone with a global perspective on our team.  James is very connected with and active in the disability community.  This allows him to provide a lot of advice!  It is also very important to us that James has a sister with a disability.  It really makes a difference knowing that he is personally invested in the services he provides and in the greater disability community."

Benefits Maximization

  • SSI, SSDI, SNAP, HEAP utilization

  • Long Term Care benefits

  • Understanding Self Directed Budgets/PRA 

  • Technical assistance in navigating benefit systems

Housing Strategies

  • Understanding your options

  • Self-Directed Options & Shared Living

  • Home leasing guidance, operating considerations, ownership options & financing.

Long term life planning solutions

Who do we work with?

  • We specialize in working with families who are seeking long term, sustainable solutions for their loved ones with special needs. While there is no 'perfect time' to do planning for your loved one, individuals entering adulthood (17-22 yr. old) or families that are going through a time of transition (death, disability or retirement) should consider life care planning. 

How are we compensated?

  • We charge a fee to develop strategies. Our fees are based on time and complexity. We typically charge a flat fee on a project basis. The fee is quoted after an initial consultation.  

  • Sustainable life care plans for Guardians and Caregivers 

  • Trustee consulting for individuals and institutions

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