In our Housing Plans we intend to answer 4 main questions:

  • What housing options exist for my loved one with special needs?

  • Where will my child live when I am no longer here?

  • Can I afford to buy a home for my loved one?

  • How can I create supports so that my loved one can live safely and independently?

Housing Planning Process: (Below is a typical layout of what to expect)

Initial Engagement

  • Time frame

  • Expectations

Individual Family Needs Assessment

  • Assessment Questionnaire

  • Review summary of priorities and Balance Sheet

Financing a Home

  • How much does it cost? -Renting vs. Owning options

  • Introduce resources

  • Understanding financing options

  • Next steps and Homework Checklist

Operating Plan for a Home

  • Who owns the house?

  • Operating Agreement Considerations

  • Buy/Sell Agreement Considerations (Death, Disability, Retirement, Want out)

  • Retirement Concerns

  • Next steps and Homework Checklist

Final Delivery of Plan

  • Review of final plan

  • Plans/expectations for annual reviews