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" The best way to predict your future is to create it."

-Abraham Lincoln



We work with non profits, employers and professional organizations that help us do some amazing work! We are a mission driven organization with a community centric approach.


'Special needs planning can be quite daunting to think about.  That is why I put it off.  But with my recent diagnosis of breast cancer, I had no choice but to rethink this issue again. But…this time put it into action.  I called James, and asked if he could help.. I am confident that I have what I need in place to protect their finances, and whatever inheritance I will be able to leave them.

I can sleep peacefully knowing I have done what is necessary to take care of my sons, even in absence.  I feel very fortunate to know James Traylor and his team, and appreciate all that he has done for my sons and I.'


—  Terri K., Mom to Ian & Kyle

28 Lawrence St. 

Rochester, NY 14607